Music to your eyes? Photoshoots of ’09.

I have been looking for a job of late, and, as most job seekers would know, that tends to weigh down on one quite a bit. My social life has gone from dismal to inexistent, and my hobbies have followed in that downward spiral.

For the last couple of years, my major hobby was concert photography. My weekends and weeknights were made up of sweaty musicians, bizarre lighting, and chaotic moshpits. I got so used to taking pictures in the dark that when I finally had to opportunity to not only gear up during the day, but even organise the shot, well… that was a whole new ball game.

All of a sudden, the band knew I was there, and for someone used to going around unobserved, that was an unsettling feeling. Accountability…

I met some wonderful people throughout. Hopefully, my photoshooting days will resume sometime soon?!

Meanwhile, here are my favourite shots of, in order of appearance, Des Miller and the Magnetic Heads, The Mischief, The Lockwoods, We say bamboulee, Gideon Bensen, The Vignettes, and Liz&Yen.