Kanye West Premieres "New Slaves"

Starting Friday May 17, Kanye West premiered his new song « New Slaves », from his upcoming sixth (solo) studio album « Yeezus », with video projections on 66 buildings around the world. Venues included grand locales such as museums and luxury boutiques. I opted to check out the action at the Café Charlot in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

With scaffolding on one side and no real projection space on the other, punters spent most of the rendezvous hour (from 9pm to 10pm) speculating over which wall Kanye would be appearing on. At around a quarter to 10, the projection finally got underway, with fans contorting themselves to take selfies with Kanye’s ominous head glaring from above.

« New Slaves » by Kanye West projected opposite Café Charlot in Paris