Portraits from Under the Spotlight

I have stacks of pictures gathering virtual dust on my hard drive. I hope to get round to sorting them someday. In the meantime, here is a shortlist of my favourite portraits so far.

All of these were taken in Sydney, mostly at the Annandale Hotel, on Parramatta Rd. I used to  live just a few bus stops away and would scoot up for my gig fix whenever I could.

Enjoy, and head straight to my flickr account if you’re keen on seeing more shots.

Bridgemary Kiss, Oxford Arts Factory, 2008.

End of Fashion, Annandale Hotel, 2009.

The Panics, UTS, 2008.

Alice in Chains, Soundwave Festival, 2009.

Lions at your door, Annandale Hotel, 2008.

Tennis, Annandale Hotel, 2009.

Yves Klein Blue, Annandale Hotel, 2008.

The Mischief, Annandale Hotel, 2009.

In Flames, Soundwave Festival, 2009.

The Dolly Rocker Movement, Annandale Hotel, 2009.

Ranger Spacey, Annandale Hotel, 2009.

Papa Vs Pretty, Annandale Hotel, 2009.

The Scare, Annandale Hotel, 2009.

Art Vs Science, Annandale Hotel, 2009.

Regular John, Annandale Hotel, 2009.

The Model School, Annandale Hotel, 2009.

Gideon Bensen, Annandale Hotel, 2008

Sherlock’s daughter, Annandale Hotel, 2008.

The Holidays, Annandale Hotel, 2008.

Delta Spirit, Annandale Hotel, 2008.

Hungry Kids of Hungary, Annandale Hotel, 2009.

2 réflexions sur “Portraits from Under the Spotlight

    • décembre 1, 2009 à 11:08

      Ahah! Merci! Un de mes meilleurs souvenirs ce shooting metaleux. 😉


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