Oven Lovin'

I’ve been in a baking mood these days, exploring the exciting world of cookies…I’d never made any before last week. For my first batch, I experimented with Smarties, dark chocolate, crushed cinnamon biscuits, marshmallows and chocolate-covered toffee. They were OK, but a bit dry and not as tasty as I’d hoped.

Today, I tried a second batch and decided to follow my gut rather than a set recipe. This time, I had fun with caramel flavoured milk chocolate, marshmallows, crushed cinnamon biscuits, bananas and white chocolate…They came out fluffier, moister and all-around adorable.

As the saying goes: « Practice makes perfect »!

Second batch…oozing marshmallowy goodness!
Cinnamon & Toffee…crunchy and chewy!
…’cos you’re never too old for Smarties!
Second batch…warm and fluffly straight off the tray.
Peekaboo…can you spot the chocolate chip?

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