Dates : 15 – 16 juillet,  2017 Lieu : Espace Charlie Parker – La Villette, 75019 Paris Le parc de la Villette accueillait pour la première fois le Festival Afropunk pour sa troisième édition parisienne. Afropunk c’est un festival musical connu à travers le monde – entre autres –  pour la surenchère esthétique de ses festivaliers. Wax, tenues customisées, accessoires de luxe, et plein de … Continuer de lire AFROPUNK PARIS 2017 // THE LOOKS

What if not conforming were the ultimate cliché?

A couple of weeks ago, I spent about half an hour at the newsagent’s, flipping my way through the glossy pages of the higher end fashion mags. They all have something in common: they pride themselves on their unique outlook, their unique style, their unique models, etc. So be it: twins are unique, in their own similar sort of way after all. For the past … Continuer de lire What if not conforming were the ultimate cliché?

fashion with sole 2

Marquis M.Converse came up with the idea of rubberised footwear in response to harsh winters and to counter slips and spills. From the start, in 1908, it was intended as unisex and trans-generational gear. When talking about Converse shoes, most people are referring to the All Star. The canvas and rubber shoe was created in 1917 to try and capture the basketball market. It seems … Continuer de lire fashion with sole 2