nosemonkey’s eutopia part 2

“Nosemonkey is the meaningless pseudonym of J Clive Matthews – a writer, editor and online content consultant whose work (mostly on film, travel, history and politics).” This year the London-based blogger has been one of the five men shortlisted, among Europe Editors of the BBC and the Economist for the inaugural UACES (University Association of Contemporary European Studies) -Reuters Reporting Europe Award. The winner will … Continuer de lire nosemonkey’s eutopia part 2

nosemonkey’s eutopia part 1

Finding a political blog which does not focus on the US Primaries and upcoming elections is virtually impossible on Technorati, which is why I ended up doing a simple Google Blog Search with the keywords « European politics ». This took me to the intriguingly named Nosemonkey’s EUtopia. With its blue and gold background (a subtle reminder of the European flag), the page seemed at first quite … Continuer de lire nosemonkey’s eutopia part 1