Icon Series: Elton

Based on Elton John performing at the « Muppet Show » in 1977. ELTON When the »The Lion King » came out, I sat in my r

Moi, présidente…

Moi, présidente, je ferais en sorte que chacun puisse apprendre et comprendre les lois, les régimes, les calculs auxquels no

J’ai acheté un magazine féminin.

J’ai acheté un magazine féminin. Une opération que je n’avais pas effectuée depuis environ deux ans. Je me suis dit qu

Classic Holiday Season Movies

The end of year holidays are all about it being too cold to venture outside, and being miserable because you forgot to stock u

My 30 day-week, 31 when I’m lucky.

It’s one of those weeks. The kind of week that blends into itself and with every week that preceded and those to come. T

Beware the Giant, Man-Eating Pumpkin.

Do cinnamon hearts still exist? I seem to remember bags of them popping up in shopping outlets every Valentine’s Day, an

La Fiac 2009 – a foray into contemporary art

28 euro makes for a pretty hefty entrance fee for a fair. On the other hand, one gains access to current or future collectors

Et si on jouait au docteur?

Il y quelques années déjà, un après-midi de pluie a Londres (plus vague tu meurs), j’étais tombée sur une émissio

Happy cactus et les cailloux bresiliens

Après environ deux ans d’absence, hier soir a marqué le retour fracassant de mon pied frétillant sur le lino d’

converse, still on the ball…

…the shoe manufacturer’s tradition of bouncing back. Converse is said to produce the world’s best selling shoe,

fashion with sole 2

Marquis M.Converse came up with the idea of rubberised footwear in response to harsh winters and to counter slips and spills.

Fashion with sole?

Having celebrated local and foreign designers and their cutting edge trends, Australian Fashion Week is coming to a close. Not

nosemonkey’s eutopia part 2

“Nosemonkey is the meaningless pseudonym of J Clive Matthews – a writer, editor and online content consultant whose wo

nosemonkey’s eutopia part 1

Finding a political blog which does not focus on the US Primaries and upcoming elections is virtually impossible on Technorati