Phone for everyone: a musical compilation

3311499414_7c68024130_mDedicated to you my friend, you who have at some point stared at the phone, longing for a call to put an end to your misery.

Here is a selection of well known, obscure and surprising songs about the  much loved and equally loathed communication device to listen to, while you wait for the real deal to chime.

This band’s name is sure to ring a bell

You know my name (Look up the number), The Beatles

Leave a message after the (Tu)tone

867 5309/ Jenny, Tommy Tutone

The lyrics, the backflips, the …oh just watch, it’s eighties fabulous

Call Me, Go West

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, this phone’s got a peel

Banana Phone, Raffi

Dial F for Funky

Never There, Cake

Sprinting after courier pigeons, blowing smoke messages and

Hanging on the telephone, The Nerves

Try 867 5309 on the off-chance that Debbie is flatsharing with Jenny

Call me, Blondie

Who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters, Ray Parker Jr.