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La Fiac 2009 – a foray into contemporary art

La Fiac 2009 – a foray into contemporary art


28 euro makes for a pretty hefty entrance fee for a fair. On the other hand, one gains access to current or future collectors’ items. Miro, Picasso, Hirst, de Stael, I won’t even attempt to list them all.

The Cour Carrée of the Louvre, the Tuileries Gardens, and the Grand Palais are simply teeming with artwork, and an equally large crowd of people come to update their wish list, bag a ‘bargain’, admire, learn, and, occasionally, chuckle.

The International Contemporary Art Fair, Fiac in French, took place in Paris from October 22- 25, with, first and foremost, gallery aficionados in mind.

No mollycoddling, no explanations: snatch a map from the front desk and hope for the best. Even with the best of luck, you’ll probably still run into the Minotaur in the many alleys of the labyrinthic fair-grounds.


More pictures of the fiac here!